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New Slide Show of 20009 Top Teen Nominations

Elementary title "Ben and Me" ideas -
The following website has a virtual armonica that
you can actually play to hear how it sounded. This is the thing Ben Franklin invented in the book.
From this page there are also links to other pages about armonicas including information about
a woman who has one and travels to schools (in period costume) to play
it! (from Pam Powell - Heber Sprngs)
The movie made from Jeanne Duprau's book The City of Ember is coming out Oct. 8th. Grades 5 to 8 - a good read aloud:
Video presentation on the James Patterson set Maximum Ride.
Patterson's Daniel X is on
James Patterson's own website is
Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers has movie trailers and other stuff:
[[ AND Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jiff Kinney:

This site has great book talks on hundreds of very new good books and some classics:

Directions for burning book trailers to disc for use with digital photo frames and laptops: is an awesome website that has a database linking canonical literature to music. The link goes to a good newsletter. Scroll down and read “Critiquing the Whole-Class Novel: How the Class Set Conspires to Produce Poor Readers.”