Ideas for inexpensive software for church or classroom libraries:
I found this totally free one last night that not only inventories your books, but also will inventory games and CD/DVD. It pulls data from amazon, so you don't even have to enter much manually. I manually entered the category type as either E, FIC, NF and the comment with the ATOS & the cost of the book. Visually eye appealing and easy to use without reading instructions! The program going into Kindergarten classrooms this week is the Media Database 1.4 and slowly work our way up through 4th grade. posted to AAIM 1/18/Sherrie Campbell

Media Database 1.4 (be sure to click on the correct download so you don't download a free scan on your computer)

Not free, but inexpensive: (from $40 to $90 depending on the components you want) (200 books free; $10 a year; $25 for life) (Book Cat; not free after 30 days or x number of entries) (there are others listed)