Good site for finding costumes for events or an Edward Tulane doll:
witches.JPGCostumes were either made or purchased at Wal-Mart during Halloween for other events. The mummy outfit is made by sewing up some plain muslin into a sack dress then covering it with a 'game bag' from Wal-Mart. A 'game bag' is a net that expands so I sewed it onto the outer side of the muslin and stretched it and tore it in key places then ripped up some muslin strips to wrap around my head. I used a glue gun to put plastic spiders and bugs all in my dress and headgear and put old ACE bandages around my legs. White face cream was put on my face. I always buy the headbands with holiday boppers on them to keep on hand on the days we don't dress up completely. This year we were vampires for Teen Read Week to go with the theme of "Take a bite out of a good book." We were pirates for it last year! On Halloween I always read urban legends like "Hook Arm" and "Don't Look Back" from a paperback I got from August House called "Scary Stories" during the two lunch shifts and I dress as a witch or something simple and let them bring their lunches into the library. I sometimes pop popcorn to pass out too or have alot of suckers--the cheap kind.