PGP - blank form to download for PGP-

PPt on how to do the PGP from ADE

TESS form for LMS-- blank form to print or copy---from ADE-notice not all areaa listed in the rubric for teachers are listed for LMS

assessment tools from Cassandra Barnett--grade level skills assessments to adapt to your needs: the New York City Library Services Standards and Curriculum Page of their website:
Among the many wonderful resources available is the New York State Empire State Information Fluency Continuum document which includes grade level benchmark skills, sample lesson plans and assessments. The assessments for a particular skill are very easy to adapt to your lesson.

PGP on ADE pages=

Great graphic with words you need to write PGP (Prof Growth Plan):

Newest revised TESS model:

1. Go to ADE Website:
2. Click on TESS in the red block and you will get “Teacher Evaluation System” page:
3. Click on TESS Evaluation Forms on the left sidebar:
4. Go to the bottom of that page to get the documents for librarians: Rubric:
5. Evaluation Form:

Livebinders to copy to your own livebinder:
There are 3 public livebinders for you to copy to your livebinder acct. Search for these by author:
Huelle, bsing2010, Cindy Bubulka and KKGrisham
Link to Cindy Bubulka's LMS livebinder

Wiki for Common Core State Standards Implementation:
Wiki for Arkansas School Librarians:

LInk to frameworks made by Conway schools:

TESS forms:

=Danielson Evalutions for Media specialists
Conway NH Schools' form based on Charlotte Danielson's work

AASL form based on Charlotte Danielson's work

New York State's new model for Librarian Evaluation October 2012