The new ASL federated Portal is open now; you can search all the free databases from one address or go to the left side menu and pick databases by title or subject. No passwords should be asked for since now Traveler is open to every resident of Arkansas. It may ask for a zip code or phone number if it does not recognize your IP address as an Arkansas IP. The Gale databases now have a app for your phone or ipad that is super. Search "Access my Library" in the apple app store and select the green icon for schools. EBSCO also has a mobile app but the directions are different to get to the one that will not require a pw.

I use EBSCO and Gale's Discovery Databases all the time with classes; we do not use the Britannica very often at high school except for ESL classes or special projects. My school is 10 to 12th grades with about 800 kids; we purchase from Gale Opposing Viewpoints databases for use with English classes to do their pro/con essays and for history research on controversial events. The oral communications/speech classes also use it for information for speeches. It is expensive but worthwhile. We also buy Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC) for use with senior English classes that are college bound. They do extensive research for criticisms for short and one long paper during the year. It is also expensive but you get some discount for buying more than one from Gale. We used to purchase Culturegrams online from Proquest for Global Studies, ESL, and Foreign Language classes to use for research on countries. It is so full of information that the price is a bargain of $500 per year. All the Proquest databases I have tried are good and less expensive than Gale. My teachers just insist I keep what we have.