Dr. Seuss Week

Our library is the site of many events that usually take place during both lunch shifts. Some events are yearly events and some we select to do when we plan the year.
1) Teen Read Week- we always schedule a book fair this week and publicize it
2) Teen Tech Week - we plan with our EAST lab teacher what we will do this week; ALA always has a theme and posters available; this year it was "Tune in @ the library". We invited the teen tech gurus in EAST to bring computers in and have stations to explain certain software packages they use in EAST lab. They had to work as groups since we have two lunch periods and they had to explain and walk students through the software and provide a handout that might show an equivalent software package that was less expensive or free and how to find it on the Internet. They loved this and their teacher did very little work as EAST is intuitive learning and they jumped on this. Last year we asked the EAST classes to make Powerpoints about their favorite piece of technology equipment or software. We took the entries and played them on the big screen in the library at lunch several days that week. For 2009 we plan to stage a Technology Petting Zoo in the library with EAST students as demonstrators of new products like Wii's and Flip Video cameras. You could do this for your teachers or for students during lunch. Just get some new things together and work with your techie kids to stage it.
3)National Library Week - we do different things each year. We like to do the READ posters with our teachers photos on them and print them out and post by their doors but we had to have the size that only Office Depot could print and they charged us 80 cents each to print them and we laminated them. Some teachers purchased theirs after the promotion for $2.00 each. This was very successful. We just imported their photo with a book in their hand in some type of reading position into Word and added lettering like "Quad reads about Presidents @ the library". This year we did small half page teacher photos and put in documents that told their favorite books and the author's name. We made two copies and laminated then posted one by their door and one in the library next to a copy of the book on a small book easel. We did not have some of the favs and ordered them quickly from Amazon or asked for staff to donate those titles to the library for the displays.
4) Children's Book Week- we buy a new title popular with K-4th grades and donate a hardback of it to the elementary library; our book club practices reading aloud and demonstrating pages and pix to little kids and then we go down the hill and read to the kids in the library that week. The high school book club kids love to sign their names in the inside cover of the books to be donated! That year is was "Horton Hears a Who".
5) Banned Book Week - We always do things this week that support the freedom to read. YALSA and ALA usually have posters and a theme. Last year we dressed as pirates and the year before as jailbirds. We put a big X on book jackets and a poster in the hall listing the most challenged books for the past year. The lists of most challenged titles and authors can be found on the ALA website in the Intellectual Freedom part. This year we asked a question a day over the intercom and gave a prize at the end of the day. Here is the list of the questions used in 08-09: Monday - What is the difference between a challenge and a banning? Tuesday - What is the part of the Bill of Rights that guarantees the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition? Wed - Which famous Arkansas author has remained on the top ten banned books list of the 20th Century? Thurs_ What was one of the most chanllenged titles in 1995? The Adventures of_(blank) Friday - John (blank), one of America's most famous novelists, has had many titles banned and chanllenged, and continues to be listed on the most challenged book list frequently. After announcements, the students could come by the library and put their answer on a slip of paper with their name and if we drew their name and they had the right answer at the end of the day, they got a huge Hershey candy bar that we had gotten at Walgreens when on sale 10 for $10.00.
6. Halloween at the Library 2008

7. ASMSA Steppers - For Black History Month we have asked the Steppers of the ARk School for Math, Sciences and the ARts to come do a demonstration of stepping for our kids. They have come twice and my kids love to watch the precision routines of these across town students. Call Trudy Hearn or Michelle Barnes, the sponsors, who are on the staff there to see if they can visit your school. This year there are 18 in the group. We move all the library tables out for this and always have a crowd. The Steppers come in from the back and down the aisles and then stay and talk to my students after about a 15 minute routine. They perform for both of my lunch shifts when available. The number for Trudy is 501-622-5310. They do not charge a fee.
Video of the Steppers: