Use these to share on Literacy Night (elem):

Flip Snack:

History sites from the Smithsonian with games:
Who am I? game
The Price of Freedom

Elementary Math software:
*we use Everyday Math series, and we have the internet based software on our network and student access at home.
*Our teachers use IXL web-based math religiously. Students can even access at home.
*We use the program “Education City”. It is internet based. We have really enjoyed it.

Some Software Programs that are Fun== collage program for special events and can be used as background on your computer - collage program you can dump a whole folder of 100+ photos into and then make a shaped collage like a heart or circle or square or special shape.
==barn_collage.JPG -Wordles are word clouds; groups of words with something in common; the products can make a great wall of art for parent day visits/open houses or can be used to put on Tee shirts as logos or used for binder/booklet covers or laminated for the child to take home. I have made colored posters of wordless for rules and small covers for church devo booklets and dewey signs for the library. . . .first this is Web 2.0 program so make sure it is not blocked at school.

Wordles for education uses:

Here are the rules for

1) Keep the kids out of the gallery cause some folks post dirty wordles (Can you believe that?) and don’t save to gallery

2) The more times they type in the word ‘reading ‘ for example, the bigger it is in the wordle design

3) If they want to use a compound word like Hot Springs they have to use the tilde –that schuaa???? thingy in top left of keyboard; for example between the words like Hot~Springs or the name of your school Lakeside~High~School in order to keep them together in the puzzle

4) If you use a date it will not show up when you create--- until you go under the language menu and uncheck the top item that says show/hide numbers

5) Have them type their list into word or wordpad so they can go back and change it without starting from scratch

6) Teach how to copy and paste into wordle from word or wordpad for that purpose

7) Hit randomize until you get the colors and fonts and spacing you want and print to color printer or make it black and white and print

8) We even make tee shirts from wordles and use it in English for genre or character analysis and younger kids do self portraits using it; demo to show the size changes when you type the word in more times

9) Drawback—can’t save it; but you can print to pdf and save that way if you have a pdf program OR print screen then paste onto ppt slide or into word.

10) Fun Fun for all ages is a word cloud program that is great to use with students.