Teaching book awards at elementary level -


Lesson Plans K-6

Literacy Event ideas:

Ideas to promote literacy:

· DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read) 30 min. where everyone in the building just reads
· Book Character Day - dress as your favorite book character
· Take pictures of students/teachers reading and post on a bulletin board display
· Have students design their own book cover and display (art teacher did this in her class)
· taking pictures of students with their favorite book and displaying those in the halls along with their written book talk
· Rock and Read….Borrow enough rocking chairs for each classroom to have one. OR have one the library and let the principal read
· Decorating Door Contest featuring a book or author per classroom
· I have had a contest for designing bookmarks. Then we reproduced the winning bookmarks and gave them out to students.
· In the past, I have done Mystery Book Contests----a clue is given over the intercom and students are given the opportunity to place their guesses in a box centrally located. A name is drawn out and the first name drawn with the correct answer wins. (example: This unlikely hero with ENORMOUS ears was awarded the Newbery and Charlie May Simon Award.....the other clues were a bowl of soup. a spool of thread and a mouse. Of course, that was The Tale of Despereaux) (Clue: He tried in vain to get her to send down her golden hair. But her ears were hearing it all wrong, This winsome lady fair..... Answer: Falling for Rapunzel by Wilcox
· I have also had GUESS HOW MANY BOOKS ARE IN THE LIBRARY? Same procedure. Students place guesses in box, student closest to the correct number wins.
· When I was an elementary student, my favorite library book was:__. i told the teachers to tell why they enjoyed the book so much, or give some sort of "teaser" to hook the kids. I then took a picture of each teacher holding a library book that had been covered with colored paper and had a big question mark on the cover. Then I made a bulletin board with their pictures and their book quotes all mixed up. I left it that way for awhile and let students try to guess which went together, then I rearranged the board with teachers and their favorite book quote.
· A bookmark competition would be great. Display them all! Have an outsider choose a few winners. All could be laminated and given back to kids. or make a certain size. let kids design one side. you make special event information for back side. After judging, glue two sides together and laminate. Maybe an office depot type place would donate lamination for a thicker and better seal.
· Have your kids each design and color a bookmark or two for the elementary kids to get during that week. have them do that the week before. we have always done that . we just have the kids bring their crayons or magic markers to class with them on the day we do the activity. we also invite grandparents to come to read, we invite the custodians and the cafeteria works to read in some of the classes and the office staff as well.
· Try passing out 3x5 cards to students and ask them to list their favorite book or author and tell why, then sign their names. You could use this as a display that would promote reading. If you had their pictures, you could put those with their cards to grab even more attention.
· Have you invited local veterans to visit and read to your classes? You could have a reception with the students and local veterans to honor them and their heroic sacrifice in serving our country.
· William Bennett has a book on Heroes that is a collection of stories and poetry relating to all types of heroes. You could share one each day over the intercom.
· Writing contest: have students submit essays about their hero and the impact that person has had on them. Winning essay to be published in local newspaper or presented at an assembly and student to receive a reward for his entry.

Lesson Plans for Lower Grades shared by Angela Sanders of Augusta Elementary after compiled by permission from AAIM listserv:


Lesson Plans by week from Cheyene Lott from Western Yell County who shared it on the listserv: