Shirley Featherolf checked with the ADE legal department, and they said this law is still in effect. It could help school districts take legal action against students who will not return books. The school board would have to work with a lawyer to actually take legal action against someone, but just the threat of legal action would get a bunch of books back.
Act 906 (1995) Library Materials Security (Fines set for not returning, stealing or mutilating library materials)

Tax Exempt library law:
Act 32 Library Materials Sales Tax (2003)

Here are links to Arkansas laws and rules for school librarians. Please save a copy in your files for future reference.
1. Arkansas Coded Law about librarians
2. Commissioner’s Memo: Planning time explained
3. Commissioner’s Memo: Free flow during admin time
4. Commissioner’s Memo: 2011-2012 Library Resources Memo Update on librarian role

Arkansas Standards for Accreditation see p.22 for "Media Services"
Here is the Arkansas K-12 Library Media Framework

Do we have Common Core for Library Media? No, we still use our frameworks. Here is the collaboration statement from page one of the K-12 Library Media Framework:

“The Library Media Framework document is to be used in collaboration with other framework documents (and Common Core—my addition) to accomplish the stated student learning expectations. Library Media Specialists and classroom teachers should work together in order to meet the stated goals in this document.”

ARk Library Confidentiality of Library Records Law
As far as I know the parents do need written permission. The question is whether or not library books are educational records and if the person giving the opinion was aware of the Arkansas library confidentiality law.
New FERPA contradicting info: Here is what our ADE legal department said.
“However, federal law (specifically, FERPA) requires schools that receive any federal funds to give parents access to all education records concerning their minor children. I understand some librarians dispute whether or not library records are “education records”, but my recollection is that the USDoE has said in the past that they are in fact education records and thus available to parents. Because there is some question about this, she should consult with her school district’s attorney.”
from Shirley Fetherolf at ADE
FERPA is the same as the AR law, but applied to 18& up.from Wendy Rickman UCA

From Sally Hawkes of ASL: Arkansas Code 13-2-704. Disclosure permitted.

A library may disclose personally identifiable information concerning any patron to:

(1) The patron;

(2) Any person with the informed, written consent of the patron;

(3) A law enforcement agency or civil court, under a search warrant; or

(4) Any person, including without limitation the patron, who has received an automated telephone notification or other electronic communication for overdue materials or reserve materials if the person making the request can verify the telephone number or email address to which the notice was sent.

HISTORY: Acts 1989, No. 903, § 2; 2003, No. 677, § 1; 2009, No. 757, § 1.

Arkansas Standards pages

Sample questions ADE Standards visit might ask:
Please share with others.
1. Is there an admin-only computer in the library? (librarian does not have to share a computer with others)
2. How many books in the library are available for student check-out?
3. Does the selection/challenge policy library has on file match the one at the district office?
4. Does the library support technology as a tool for learning? (e.g., computers available for student access?)

Free lunch time suggestions
This is Jan Owens website link on the Greenwood High School web page. It takes you to all the pertinent AR Library Laws
that we are always looking for. Thanks, Jan.
Library Class Sizes same as Class size rules which are:
PreK - K = 20;1-3 = 25;4-6 = 28;7-12 = 30;
Go to this site
This is the followup law after ACt 903 and includes updates to Act 903 of the AR Legislature on Library Privacy and Confidentiality of Patron Records. All the info is in the link:
Confidentiality of Patron Records Arkansas Code §13-2-701

Here are the percentages recommended for high school for each of the
Dewey areas as well as the others:

000 0.60
100 1.20
200 1.20
300 11.20
400 0.30
500 7.60
600 6.00
700 5.30
800 9.60
900 11.40

Fiction 12.80
Reference 21.10
Biography 10.00
Professional 1.70