Suggested titles for a PARENT SHELF (AAIM list Fall 08):

Ø "Why Johnnie Can't Sit Still".
Ø Purchase items such as Super Nanny, James Dobson's books, numerous things about ADHD, and other things of interest
to your population. Purchase a couple of magazine subscriptions, for example, Parenting magazine and Family Fun.

Ø The Attorney General's office provides wonderful pamphlets and brochures on various topics including Internet safety.
They will ship them to you for free.

Ø Some of the most popular books are cookbooks and craft books. Some libraries have a lot of parenting books and
how-to-get-your-kids-to-read books, but anything "educational" largely goes untouched. Perhaps you can weave in a
few popular titles to gain attention, then steer them in the direction of things that will help their kids.

Ø You can get free resources (brochures mostly) from Philip Morris. They have a Youth Smoking Prevention program
which offers free brochures. Give them out at Open House. (It is a good idea to bring the parent shelf to the parents
by putting this stuff out for parents to pick up at conferences and open houses.) Brochures include: Raising Kids Who
Don't Smoke, Peer Pressure and Smoking, Could Your Kid Be Smoking, and then the Spanish versions. Good Stuff!
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