Comparison pages of Danielson Teacher domain points, Danielson LMS points, TESS teacher pts, and TESS LMS points--remember TESS is based on the Danielson model but not just like it. They left out important Danielson items for LMS on the ARK LMS TESS:

The Assesment found in Domain one for teachers is not listed in domain 1 for LMS; the 'organizing space ' on Danielson for LMS is not listed on the TESS for LMS; neither is the "helps teachers and students with technology in libraty" listed on TESS for LMS but it is on Danielson for LMS. So LMS have 20 points and teachers have 22 on ARkansas' TESS. TESS is not EXACTLY the Danielson model from the book you were given.

If you are not in the Summative track, you only have to gather artifacts and evidence for the domain points you cite in your PGP. The PGP is to show how you will use statistics of all kids to find the gaps in learning and help raise test scores by improving your program. It is not a personal improvement plan.

Please call or email me to discuss this if you have questions from my session at AAIM. or 501-276-4949 is my cell.

Livebinders to copy to your own livebinder:
There are 3 public livebinders for you to copy to your livebinder acct. Search for these by author:
Huelle, bsing2010, Cindy Bubulka and KKGrisham
Link to Cindy Bubulka's LMS livebinder

PGP on ADE pages=

Look for TESS Specialist Documents----
Gifted Coordinator Documents
Instructional Specialist Documents
Library Media Specialist Documents
School Counselor Documents
School Psychologist Documents

For more information, please contact:

Ivy Pfeffer, Director of Educator Evaluation
Arkansas Department of Education
Office of Educator Effectiveness
Four Capitol Mall, Room 103-B
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-8526
Fax: 501-682-1193

Great graphic with words you need to write PGP (Prof Growth Plan):

1. Go to ADE Website:
2. Click on TESS in the red block and you will get “Teacher Evaluation System” page:
3. Click on TESS Evaluation Forms on the left sidebar:
4. Go to the bottom of that page to get the documents for librarians: Rubric: