2013-14 CMS Reading lists plus websites and trailers:

Book lists for boys: https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=348587&sessionid=1&key=38F20601A024D2DB512D92D1DACDF0F5&partnerref=sljwebboysbooks091511&sourcepage=register

Charlie Mae Simon bookmarks for this next year by Suzie Rook:

New books for 2011 coming out soon:

There are lists from 2010:

Charlie Mae Simon Book Marks for 2010-2011

Seaching for genre listings:
Scholastic http://bookwizard.scholastic.com/tbw/homePage.do
Perma Bound http://www.perma-bound.com/

Diamond Award link at ASL http://www.asl.lib.ar.us/childaward/diamondmain.htm
ASL book award links page
ALA Compilation of Book Award Nominees
If you haven’t been to the Arkansas Center for the Book page http://www.asl.lib.ar.us/ACFB/Centerforthebook09.htm lately . . . there’s been some additions.
Library Themed Book List (all ages) -

Book list to teach literary devices:

Sequels and Series:
Juvenile Series and Sequels

AR Diamond Award PPT for 2008-09 by L. Diffee of LRSD with
book summaries courtesy of Lloyd Harris and Cora Ellsworth’s workshop and book overview.

Charlie May Simon Award PPT for 2008-09 by Kari Hale and Donita Patterson of Bentonville

Book List for Middle School Boys and Up

Mystery Book Author list for Middle School Boys

If your students loved Twilight series, they will like these. . .book list with short summary Twilight - like books