=Audio books:**

Sites for Science (and other topics) Videos online:

1)You might also check out NBC Learn Archives on Demand (AoD) and their offering:
Watch the Brian Williams video first. He’ll tell you about AoD. Then sign up for the 30 day free trial if you like it. Videos are correlated by subject area, Arkansas framework, and are also searchable by name (Harriet Tubman). They also may be downloaded to include in PowerPoint presentations.

2) Government sci videos:

3)Advanced google search for science videos; this is the archive of that search string:

4) Nova site:
Free Resource (requires registration):

NOVA, the most popular science series on public television, is a major source of the science resources on Teachers' Domain. Use this collection for quick access to videos, interactives, and web pages from NOVA and its companion series, NOVA scienceNOW.

These are free educational videos of all kinds listed on the Dawson Cooperative website

6) NBC News Archives on Demand

Replacement ideas for United Streaming if your district lost it Fall 2010: - This site has 20,000 videos arranged in over 4000 categories. - Student created educational videos - The Khan Academy is all about using video to explain the world - Travel Film Archive from 1900 to 1970. - Short video chronological order - In Their Words is an oral history archive with over one hundred hours of testimony from Arkansas's World War II generation.


Discovery Education Streaming

elibrary (Select audio/video when you search)
streaMed Patient Videos
Safari Montage (school use only)
History Reference Center (in EBSCOhost scroll toward the bottom and select the images/video tab)

Video/Audio Searching Portals:
Blinkx(video metasearch)
Yahoo Video Search

Google's Video

YouTube (search for and upload video)


SearchForVideo Espanol

Regents Review Live

Web 2.0 Video Blog


Internet Archive--Prelinger Archive, classic features and shorts, Mosaic Middle East News, more
E3 Electronic Field Trip Series
Penn Video Productions
Eduscapes (Great list of resources!)
Annenberg Teacher Resources
iTunesU (university lectures as iTunes files)
See also educational video background listed on InformationFluencyWiki