Bloom's apps:

Favorite apps for the classroom blog page:

Glogster- interactive posters for projects -

Screenr is a free app with lots of possibilities for your wikis and in your training sessions.

Cartoon yourself:

Try these Jeopardy type generators:

Here are some good programs to try with kids for making videos from photos or animated videos; each program has merits and is free. Remember web 2.0 usually means you have to register for an account so get used to using something simple on all those sites AND it means you might experience popups that drive you crazy-but those ad are what make these programs free.

Animoto is my fav video montage software; you add photos, text, clipart and transitions; they have lots of music to choose from and you make professional looking commerical type movies; only the 30 sec one if free but you can apply for education full account for yourself but probably ask kids to use the 30 sec free one


Flixtime-60 sec photo to movie


PhotoPeach- easy drag and drop sequencing; easy to insert text; really an audio slide show

Memoov- for your kids who like animation better than working with photos to end up with a movie

Web 2.0 Tools is a great tool to make visual word clouds
for fun or for the classroom. I have made Dewey
Posters using Wordle, family reunion tee shirts,
and posters visualizing my job title. Here is a
slide show giving even more ideas to use it in
the classroom.

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